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Monday, November 19, 2012

City Council to vote on no-bid contract to privatize Detroit Water & Sewerage Tuesday Nov 20

City Council held a public hearing on the EMA contract on Tuesday Nov 23 at 9am.

The EMA contract is an almost $48 million no-bid contract that was approved by the DWSD Board of Water Commissioners.  This contract will privatize the water department by cutting up to 81% of the workforce.

Council chambers were packed - there was virtually no one who spoke in favor of council approving this contract.

The contract is currently stuck in committee but Councilman Brown says he wants to move it out, possibly at next Mondays committee meeting.

This contract was awarded NO-BID. 
It does NOT include any metrics, milestones or other measures for success. 
There are no provisions for rate control. 
Let's break the business as usual cycle.

Please call council members to urge a NO vote on the EMA contract. 

These members are undecided members:
Jenkins  (313) 224-4248
Spivey  (313) 224-4841
Cockrel  (313) 224-4505
Please pass this on to all your lists.

Thank you.


Monday, November 12, 2012

City Council Scheduled Public Hearing on EMA Contract - Tuesday, November 13 at 9am

Detroit City Council is considering a no-bid contract with EMA, Inc. that was approved by the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department's Board of Water Commissioners (BOWC). The contract will cut and privatize up to 81 percent of the department's workforce. The People's Water Board Coalition is concerned about the consequences of this contract and needs your help.

A public hearing will take place on Tuesday morning at 9am. We need your voices. Please attend the hearing and speak out against this contract.

Detroit City Council Public Hearing on EMA Contract
Tuesday, November 13 at 9am

Detroit City Council Committee-of-the-Whole Room
13th Floor - Coleman A. Young Center
2 Woodward Avenue; Detroit 


See you at of the meeting!

Melissa Damaschke
Great Lakes Program Organizing Representative
Sierra Club

Address:  2727 Second Avenue, Suite 320; Detroit, MI 48201
Phone:  (313) 965-0055
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Together, we will protect the Great Lakes!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Demonstration to Stop the Privatization of DWSD

Wednesday Aug 22, 1pm-2pm

Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept.
735 Randolph St  Detroit  MI  48226

DWSD recently proposed cutting and/or privatizing 80 percent of its staff. The People's Water Board Coalition wants to make sure water is affordable, protected from pollution, and stays in the public hands, rather than private companies. We are very concerned about DWSD's proposal and hope that you will show your concern by attending this demonstration. To see the powerpoint presentation of DWSD's proposal, go to 

Demonstration is from 1 to 2pm
DWSD meeting begins promptly at 2pm (consider attending the meeting to give public comment or sit in the audience to show support for public water)

Bring a sign! Some ideas for signs:
- Great Lakes water is not for sale
- Not for sale
- Keep the D in DWSD

Facebook event at:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grosse Pointe Farms accused of ignoring state rules

What was one of the reasons cited for causing this flooding?

• No human operator was stationed at the pump station in case of power failure to correct or restart the pumps.

Who still thinks fewer employees will provide better service?

Monday, August 13, 2012

ALERT: DWSD is proposing to cut/outsource/privatize 80 percent of the department!!!

Join our efforts to make sure the water department stays public! Help us organize!!!

Please attend the People's Water Board Coalition meeting on Monday, August 13 at the Metropolitan Center for High Technology (2727 Second Avenue, Suite 320).  Free parking located behind the building.

Meeting starts at 5:30pm. At 4:30pm, we will show the powerpoint presentation that was given to the DWSD Board of Water Commissioners this past week. You can also view the video presentation by going to:

Detroit Free Press: Detroit water, sewer department should cut 81% of workers to slow soaring rates