The Peoples Water Board holds its meeting the second
Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm at the Cass Corridor
Commons at 4605 Cass Ave. Enter off of Forest.

Monday, November 19, 2012

City Council to vote on no-bid contract to privatize Detroit Water & Sewerage Tuesday Nov 20

City Council held a public hearing on the EMA contract on Tuesday Nov 23 at 9am.

The EMA contract is an almost $48 million no-bid contract that was approved by the DWSD Board of Water Commissioners.  This contract will privatize the water department by cutting up to 81% of the workforce.

Council chambers were packed - there was virtually no one who spoke in favor of council approving this contract.

The contract is currently stuck in committee but Councilman Brown says he wants to move it out, possibly at next Mondays committee meeting.

This contract was awarded NO-BID. 
It does NOT include any metrics, milestones or other measures for success. 
There are no provisions for rate control. 
Let's break the business as usual cycle.

Please call council members to urge a NO vote on the EMA contract. 

These members are undecided members:
Jenkins  (313) 224-4248
Spivey  (313) 224-4841
Cockrel  (313) 224-4505
Please pass this on to all your lists.

Thank you.


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