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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tell Mayor Duggan to turn the water back on

From Food & Water Watch at:

Tell Mayor Duggan: Turn the Water On!

United Nations officials visit Detroit

Metro Detroit's water is not affordable. This year alone, water has been shut off to roughly 30,000 customers. Public health and families are at risk in the region. We need a new plan that makes water affordable and equitable. This plan needs to allow for public participation and expert input, and be based on accountablity and transparency.

The United Nations (UN) recently visited Detroit to investigate violations of the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation. According to the UN officials:

Without water, people cannot live a life with dignity — they have no water for drinking, cooking, bathing, flushing toilets and keeping their clothes and houses clean. Despite the fact that water is essential for survival, the city has no data on how many people have been and are living without tap water, let alone information on age, disabilities, chronic illness, race or income level of the affected population. Denial of access to a sufficient quantity of water threatens the rights to adequate housing, life, health, adequate food, integrity of the family.

The UN recommended that the City of Detroit restore water to residents unable to pay, stop further disconnections of water when residents are unable to pay and provide opportunities for assistance. They further urged that the City of Detroit, the State of Michigan and the national government adopt a mandatory affordabilty threshold.

Please fill out the form at:

to send a message to Mayor Mike Duggan, Governor Rick Snyder and President Obama and ask them to comply with the UN's recommendations.

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